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Latest Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1


Taxi Regulation in the Age of Uber
Katrina M. Wyman

Electoral Integrity in Campaign Finance Law
Daniel I. Weiner & Benjamin T. Brickner

Speech v. Conduct, Surcharges v. Discounts: Testing the Limits of the First Amendment and Statutory Construction in the Growing Credit Card Quagmire
Clay Calvert, Rich Shumate, Stephanie A. McNeff, & Stephenson Waters

Workplace Wellness: Social Injustice
Elizabeth A. Brown

Why Negligence Per Se Should Be Abandoned
Barry L. Johnson


Bringing Theory to Practice: Using Optimal Tax Analysis to Guide Real-World Transfer Program Reform
Christopher James Murray

Closing the Black Fiscal Hole: Alternatives to the “Spend It or Lose It” Policy for Agency Discretionary Spending
Leonard Yoo