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Latest Issue: Volume 18, Number 2


Birth Certificates for Children with Same-Sex Parents: A Reflection Of Biology or Something More?
Paula Gerber & Phoebe Irving Lindner

NFIB v. Sebelius and the Right to Health Care: Government’s Obligation to Provide for the Health, Safety, and Welfare of its Citizens
Jack M. Beermann

Recklessness As a State of Mind in 10(b) Cases: The Civil-Criminal Dialectic
Ann M. Olazábal & Patricia S. Abril

Land Costs As Non-Eligible Basis: Arbitrary Restrictions on State Policymaking Authority in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program
Michael David Williams

Indeterminate and Unrecognized: Exploring the Relationship Between the Morsi Ouster, Post-Coup Sanctions, and the Recognition Power
Daniel N. Swartz

Is Change Always Good? The Adaptability of Social Norms and Incentives to Innovate
Jennifer Basch