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Latest Issue: Volume 17, Number 4


Prison Rape Elimination Act Litigation and the Perpetuation of Sexual Harm
Gabriel Arkles

Criminalizing the Problem of Unexplained Wealth: Illicit Enrichment Offenses and Human Right Violations
Jeffrey R. Boles

When Federal Immigration Exclusion Meets Subfederal Workplace Inclusion: A Forensic Approach to Legislative History
Kati L. Griffith

Sovereignty, Citizenship, and Public Health in the United States
Polly J. Price

Enabling Resistance: How Courts Facilitate Departures From the Law, and Why This May Not Be a Bad Thing
Adam Shinar

Reconsidering the Traditional Analysis: Should Buckman Alone Support Preemption of Fraud-on-the-FDA Exceptions to Tort Immunity?
Joshua D. Lee

Legislating Judicial Review: An Infringement on Separation of Powers
Holly Martin