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Latest Issue: Volume 20, Issue 3


Why the Civilian Purchase, Use, and Sale of Assault Weapons and Semiautomatic Rifles and Pistols, Along with Large Capacity Magazines, Should Be Banned
Donald L. Flexner

Choosing Privacy
Irina D. Manta

Segregative-Effect Claims Under the Fair Housing Act
Robert G. Schwemm

The (Now Urgent) Case for State-Level Monitoring of Local Government Finances: Protecting Localities from Trump’s “Potemkin Village of Nothing”
Darien Shanske


Fulfilling the Full Promise of Liberty Made in Lawrence v. Texas: Using the Fundamental Right to Sexual Intimacy to Challenge the FDA’s Policy Against Blood Donations from Men Who Have Sex with Men
R.T. Winston Berkman

Consolidation After Crisis: How a Few Private Investors Bought Distressed, Federally-Insured Mortgages After the Foreclosure Crisis
Brad Greenburg