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Latest Issue: Volume 17, Number 3

Summer 2014

The Future of Voting Rights

Alessandra N. Baniel-Stark

Introductory Remarks of Richard Pildes
Richard Pildes

Remarks of Robert Bauer
Robert Bauer

Remarks of Benjamin L. Ginsberg
Benjamin L. Ginsberg

Remarks of Myrna Pérez
Myrna Pérez

Remarks of Dale Ho
Dale Ho

Remarks of Julie Fernandes
Julie Fernandes

Remarks of Spencer A. Overton
Spencer A. Overton

Remarks of Samuel Issacharoff 
Samuel Issacharoff

Questions and Answers

Voting Rights Litigation After Shelby County: Mechanics and Standards in Section 2 Vote Denial Claims
Dale E. Ho

The Conceits of Our Legal Imagination: Legal Fictions and the Concept of Deemed Authorship
Alina Ng Boyte

Lapides v. Board of Regents of the University of Georgia, State Sovereign Immunity, and the Proper Scope of Waiver-by-Removal
Peter R. Dubrowski