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Latest Issue: Volume 17, Number 1

Winter 2014

An Analysis of FDA’s Drug Safety Authorities: Challenges and Opportunities Under a New Regulatory Framework
Kevin M. Fain, Keeve E. Nachman, & Laine Rutkow

“Conditional Admission” and Other Mysteries: Setting the Record Straight on the “Admission” Status of Refugees and Asylees
Laura Murray-Tjan

Mandatory Informed Consent Disclosures in the Diagnostic Context: Sometimes Less is More
Krista J. Sterken, Michael B. Van Sicklen, & Norman Fost

Unaccountable Midnight Rulemaking? A Normatively Informative Assessment
Edward H. Stiglitz

The Foster Care System Looking Forward: The Growing Fiscal and Policy Rationale for the Elimination of the “AFDC Look-Back”
Shardé Armstrong

Transparency and the Office of Legal Counsel
Eric Messinger